Sunday 20 July 2014

Photogrpaher/Micheal Naumoff::Creative Consultant/Hayley Bonham::Hair + Makeup/Molly Oakfield::Assistant Photographer/Kenyon Batterson:: Team Everything/Sam ElsomVicki EllenRory Elsom

 People are always asking me how does a CATGK Gyp-Zine shoot actually work. What does it really look like on the other side. Well, in a nutshell, chaos. A CATGK family shoot is complete and utter organised chaos. No glamour here folks. It is a crazy mix of kids, sometimes animals, unpredictable weather, cots, snacks, toys, steamers, racks, cameras, props, family, makeup, music, computers and love.

 These images are outtakes from a special collaboration being launched next week with Witchery. A perfect place to share with you all the madness it takes and a few home truths. 
1. A CATGK shoot does not come to life without family. That is the number one ingredient. People you can count on and trust. People that bring a smile to your children’s faces and make the experience about adventure and curiosity. Fun and love. When this stops so do we.
2. Imagine the glamour of a Vogue shoot on location then break it down with a scene from a kindergarten or daycare centre. Add in music playing from the movie FROZEN with racks of Witchery’s spring/summer collection mixed amongst portacots and small bicycles
3. On hand must be loads of interesting snacks and food. To keep them happy and me from falling asleep. Also to take the crew’s mind of the fact that they are clearly not on a Vogue shoot.
4  A team of friends that are understanding and easy going. Shooting children can definitely send people over the edge. I need folk who go with the flow, embrace the noise and calamity and see it as something great. Folk who don’t mind having to stop everything so mummy can take a little someone to the potty to do a poo!


Wednesday 9 July 2014

   Mia Farrow with her mother actress Maureen O’Sullivan, 1960′s



TIM AND TOM / Harrolds x CATGK

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Photographer | Steve Baccon


Thanks to the very well dressed and extremely helpful team over at Harrolds who dressed the boys exclusively for Captainandthegypsykid.

Bobby and Storm dressed by the good folk at Seed Heritage.


Meet Tim and Tom. Two mates with two babies. Meet Bobby and Storm. Little people that have changed their lives. Bobby is by far the prettiest baby boy I have ever seen, he looks nothing like Tim. Five months old and baby brother to the most delicious animal obsessed toddler I know Bugsy Ross. Daddy Tim is one of Australia’s best known comedians and main man in the afternoons on Australia’s top radio station Kiis 1065 and Melbourne’s Mix101.1 He also happens to be the husband of my best friend, the father of my godson and someone I just love to bits. We have a friendship that in my opinion gets deeper and richer as we get older and experience the creation and sometimes complexity of family life. Tom on the other hand, well let me tell you. Father for the first time to five month old Storm he has fallen hard for those big beautiful blues. The hunky co-host of The Daily Edition as my mother embarrassingly says……..To his face…….…In front of me. That’s a lie. Kind of. My mother never sounds smug, EVER but for some reason whenever she see’s Tom she sounds like the cat that swallowed the canary. “Sheree guess who I saw today? [massive pause] Tom!!!!! [major announcement]” I don’t quite see Tom in the same light but when I do see him I wish it was more often. He has this natural way about him that makes me feel like we are old old friends, which were not and that he wants to talk to me for hours, which he doesn’t. He is bloody awesome.

The boys talk fatherhood… KEEP TALKING



Wednesday 18 June 2014


About two years ago on a very misty, lazy Sunday morning in Milan I ran across this gentleman as he prepared for his Sunday bike ride. He was dressed so elegantly for a Sunday ride, but I guess I should expect that from Milanese by now. Our conversation was very brief and I forgot to get any of his contact information. I was very happy with the shot, but thought I would never run across him again.

Well, as I was shooting around the Versace show I see just the floating head of this gentleman glide by (his body and bike were hidden by a car). Traffic was heavy so as he slowed to navigate the cars and fashionistas I caught up to him and asked to take his photo. I was surprised when he instantly recognized me, “Yeah, you are The Sartorialist!, Cunningham!”
That Bill casts a long shadow.

This time I got his info, so hopefully we will be seeing more of Mr. Alborghetti on future Milan trips.




Friday 13 June 2014

Photograpaher | Micheal Naumoff 

 Assistant Photographer Kenyon Batterson | H + M  Charlie Kielty | Creative co-hort Vicki Ellen

Playroom | Sugar wears overalls from American Apparel, Captains are from Seed and mine are vintage.

Poolside | Acacia swimsuit worn as bodysuit with vintage skirt from Dolly Up Vintage Emporium.

Office | Knitted pullover and bloomers from MamaPapa worn with Ralph Lauren boots.

Doorway | Marni loafers worn with Caravana Montaecristo top at Island Luxe and album di famiglia pants from MamaPapa.

Whenever I get asked about our home being photographed I always get a little bit apprehensive. I think it is a big deal sharing this part of your life with the greater unknown. When Elle Magazine came calling there wasn’t much to think about. I love the magazine, I love the girls that create it and they were happy to let me be involved with the creative process. Our home is more then four walls and a roof. It is The Giving Tree of bricks and mortar. It is centre stage to our family framework but it would not have its heart and soul without the people that live in it…. KEEP TALKING



Tuesday 10 June 2014


Thylane Blondeau, Etsy, Emily Blincoe, Courtneyoquist, Sian Zeng, Paul McCartney, Flora and Henri, Etsy, Aubergelabbaye, Mokkasin

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