Friday 31 October 2014

Mary and Lily-CATGK-4 Mary and Lily-CATGK-7 Mary and Lily-CATGK-10 Mary and Lily-CATGK-11 Mary and Lily-CATGK-9Mary and Lily-CATGK-5Mary and Lily-CATGK-12 Mary and Lily-CATGK-13 Mary and Lily-CATGK-14 Mary and Lily-CATGK-15 Mary and Lily-CATGK-16 Mary and Lily-CATGK-17 Mary and Lily-CATGK-18 Mary and Lily-CATGK-19

Mary Steenburgen, Lilly, Clementine and Goldie Walton

Photographer | Kane Skennar
Makeup | Bruce Grayson  +  Hair | Jennifer Okeeler

By the lavender || Lilly wears JCrew white shirt and jeans, rag & bone hat with striped french vintage shirt | Clementine wears Baby Gap and vintage overalls | Mary wears Louise Green hat, 7 For All Mankind jeans, Rails denim shirt with vintage boots and concho belt from the family archives.

In the orchard || Lilly wears vintage dress and hat | Mary wears Louise Green hat, Ralph Lauren dress and wrap from Mamapapa | Clementine wears her ballet leotard and slippers with a Mamapapa tutu || Goldie wears Baby Gap

Lilly talks about her mum Mary……

The matriarch of our tribe. Beloved mother, stepmother, dog mother, and dotting grandmother to Clementine and Goldie. Wife to Teddy. Oscar winning actress, songwriter and self-taught accordion player. Our enthusiastic camp counsellor who always has the best ideas and creates magic and fun wherever she goes.

Classic, effortless, easy. Polished but never too done.

A clairvoyant. Talking to dead people, crystal ball, magic potions-the works.

A contestant on The Amazing Race (with me)!.

She’s got loads of it. Of course there’s her over 30 year career as an actress but then one day she started hearing music in her head and it wouldn’t stop. Instead of ignoring it, she listened and years later is writing music in Nashville
with top songwriters. And she learned to play the accordion at 60!

Young girl from Arkansas got herself to where she is now. Sounds like smarts to me.

Generous, loving, inspiring and happiest surrounded by her family having a good laugh.


She is fiercely protective of her family and friends.

Reading a stack of books a mile high to my daughter Clementine.

Mary talks about her daughter Lilly…

Mother of Goldie and Clementine, making MAGIC of motherhood, loving her Charlie, making friendship an art of the heart, and dazzling her own mother by the beauty of the life she is creating.

Dreamy, unselfconscious, effortless and, because of her true beauty, both inside and out, she makes even clothes from Target look like the chic thing you simply must have.

Must have been something wonderful if Karma exists to be so very Lilly in this life KEEP TALKING



Wednesday 29 October 2014


 Barry White and his daughter, 1976.



Monday 20 October 2014

TBP low res select -_

TITLE | Le Club 55
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez


TITLE | Brothers Raphael and Mikael
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez


TITLE | The Tan
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez


TITLE | The Boys
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez


TITLE | Paloma Beach
LOCATION | Saint Jean du Cap Ferret, Paloma Beach


TITLE  | Beach Club Car
LOCATION | Saint Jean du Cap Ferret, Paloma Beach


TITLE | Enrico and Maria Piera
LOCATION | Public Beach, St Tropez


TITLE | Maria Piera
LOCATION | Public Beach, St Tropez


TITLE | Gone Swimming
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez


TITLE | Twins Francesca and Freideric
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez


TITLE | Francesca
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez


TITLE |  Sheree and her Vogue
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez
NATIONALITY | Australian


TITLE | Sugar
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez
NATIONALITY | Australian


TITLE | My Family
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez
NATIONALITY | Australian
TITLE | Waiting for Dad
LOCATION | Club 55, St Tropez
NATIONALITY | Australian


TITLE | Poolside
LOCATION | Saint Jean du Cap Ferret, Hotel La Voile D’ Or

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TITLE | Hotel La Voile D’ Or
LOCATION | Saint Jean du Cap Ferret, Hotel La Voile D’ Or


TITLE | Tourist
LOCATION | Saint Jean du Cap Ferret, Hotel La Voile D’ Or
NATIONALITY | Australian


TITLE | Alessandro and Madalina
LOCATION | Saint Jean du Cap Ferret, Paloma Beach


TITLE | Eline
LOCATION | Saint Jean du Cap Ferret, Paloma Beach



Photographer | Michael Namouff

There was no way they would go for it. A crazy concept for the launch of The Beach People’s new collection of round towels. Guerrilla style photography shooting portraits in the south of France with a team that they hadn’t met or worked with before. Location unknown, team not confirmed, talent pending. My mind was instantly full of European summers in the South. Imagery of the famed roundie towel gracing the shoulders and behinds of elegant French women, older and over suntanned men, designer encrusted grandma’s and brown as a berry bambinos….. KEEP TALKING



Friday 17 October 2014

Hollywood gyp-zine Hollywood gyp-zine-3 CATGK Hollywood gyp-zine 2Hollywood gyp-zine-5Hollywood gyp-zine-11CATGK Hollywood gyp-zine 1-2Hollywood gyp-zine-2Hollywood gyp-zine-7CATGK Hollywood gyp-zine_Hollywood gyp-zine-9 Hollywood gyp-zine-10CATGK Hollywood gyp-zine_-2Hollywood gyp-zine-13 Hollywood gyp-zine-14CATGK Hollywood gyp-zine_-3

Photographer | Kate Danson

Sugar wears vintage customised denim overalls, Gap shirt and Zara sneakers | Captain wears Osh Kosh Vintage overalls and Saltwater Sandals.

Sam and I both wear vintage american workwear and Valley Eyewear 


Unintentionally I have fallen into a tradition of visiting the old girl through the different phases of my life. The love affair began back in my early twenties when I lived in LA for a few months of every year. To beat the heavy haze of summer that can quickly turn the morning coolness into a raging desert I would be up with the sun running from Beechwood Canyon up into the hills to say hi. Like the boy in the Giving Tree I didn’t come back for some time but when I returned it wasn’t alone. I brought Sam and a little baby girl waiting to be born. Six and half months pregnant I wanted to walk(yep no running this time) that walk of a lifetime ago. I had missed the old girl and wanted Sam to understand my love for this sprawling city. Fast track a few years and it was time to return to see how she was travelling and introduce her to our fast growing tribe. An expedition was in our sights so we packed the essentials, a nappy or two, snacks and water and as time before set out before the sun had time to rise and shine. My very talented friend Kate who just happens to be a photographer was up for the challenge and bravely volunteered her keen eye and patient hand. Not such a fan of early mornings I was thrilled she had signed up to join the team.

Things had changed……. KEEP TALKING



Wednesday 15 October 2014

Lawren_Howell-39Lawren_Howell-1 Lawren_Howell-2 Lawren_Howell-10 Lawren_Howell-11 Lawren_Howell-13 Lawren_Howell-19 Lawren_Howell-20 Lawren_Howell-26 Lawren_Howell-33 Lawren_Howell-36 Lawren_Howell-40
 All images and story from the Coveteur

I really wanted to shoot Lawren during my recent travels but time and children ran away from me so when I saw the Coveteur had done a feature on my very stylish and clever friend that included the cutest pics of her and her bub I was a little bit happy……….




Don’t get us wrong—there’s no one who appreciates a little over-the-top Christopher Kane or a magpie masterpiece of a Givenchy gown more than us. And while OTT is all well and good (and a mix that requires a master class in studied styling to really nail), sometimes, nothing beats simplicity and taking it back to the classics. A little camel cashmere Calvin Klein, one of The Row’s perfectly slouchy, impossibly expensive leather backpacks—we mean, there’s a reason why we worship so avidly at the altar of Phoebe Philo. And in today’s sartorial climate, where Crayola-colored fur and surrealist headpieces run rampant, it’s editors and stylists like Lawren Howell, she of the trademark brunette bob and pared-down wardrobe, that really get noticed.

We rolled up to Howell’s Venice home on a perfectly sunny Californian day, where she greeted us at the door, newborn on her hip. As a freelance stylist, it kind of goes without saying that Howell has our dream existence on lock: all of the gloss of Vogue roots, overseeing shoots with everyone from Emma Stone to Cate Blanchett and Elle Fanning, paired with a West Coast lifestyle and all the perks that come along with it (does year-round sunshine and cold-pressed juices on every corner sound as good to you as it does to us?). And let’s just say that Howell goes hard for her home turf and will happily go to bat to defend Los Angeles style and confront against any claims to the contrary, “I honestly think California style is influencing fashion more and more these days. A lot of the French houses, like Isabel Marant or Chloé, always seem to look to California for easy, laid back inspiration.” That said, though, Howell still know how to call a spade a spade. “Let’s be honest, the French do a better version of Los Angeles style than [we do] in L.A.!”

Making our way through Howell’s closet, we grew increasingly more fan girl-y with every piece of Dries van Noten and Lanvin (to say nothing of her twin pairs of Tom Ford sunnies) we stumbled upon. To put it mildly, Howell has that exact mix of minimalism and statement-making pieces we hope to nail when we grow up, too—healthy helpings of The Row and Céline, balanced by more architectural pieces from Rodarte and 3.1 Phillip Lim. We’ll chalk it up to that well-honed, Vogue editor instinct.

For full story visit Coveteur….



Thursday 9 October 2014


Photographer | Kane Skennar
Makeup | Bruce Grayson Hair | Jennifer Okeeler

Outside | Kate wears Acne tee and rag & bone jeans. Ted wears Levi’s and Steven Alan shirt.

Inside | Kate wears Sass & Bide blazer with Madewell shirt, J BRAND jeans and The Office Of Angela Scott loafers. Ted wears Ermenegildo Zegna suit and Armani shirt.


When you are in Kate and Ted’s presence its like you’ve won the lotto. You are guaranteed an obscene amount of laughter and thought provoking conversation that inspires and uplifts leaving you ready to change the world. Yet there is this special force feild that ever so gently separates them from the rest of us. They speak a special language that no one else can hear. One of deep love and respect. It’s not uncommon to see a look pass between them both where it’s clear their thoughts have been shared with no words spoken. In short they have one of the most beautiful father and daughter relationships I have ever seen. The first thing you notice about Kate is her obvious beauty but it only takes a second to realise that it is completely matched by her true and kind heart. The next thing you notice is her elegance. The way she sits, talks, laughs, her style. It’s her own special brand and it;s completely effortless and instantly recognisable. Then if your very lucky you might get to share her laughter and her very funny and clever thoughts. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Just like his daughter, Ted’s laughter and love lights up a room and we all try to get a little bit closer to this gentle giant knowing we will leave the room better humans for the experience. Kate and Ted belong to a family who, over time and oceans and through loves and losses have been by my side, keeping me company as I find my way. Guiding not pushing, loving not judging and now your infinite love reaches around my children and husband which as Sugar would say fills up my bucket.

Kate talks about Ted……


A father that rivals all other fathers in his love and support of his clan, adoring husband to Mary, a step mother who also rivals all step mothers in her love and support of her clan. A brilliant and inspiring actor – hard working – the never stops kind of actor and a tireless supporter and activist for the oceans.

Cary Grant meets The Marlboro Man

Past Life
True Story: A psychic once told me that he walked with Jesus… Dad’s response when I told him, “I knew it.” … You’re my hero, dad, but I don’t know.

Next Life
All I know is I’d better be in it, because it doesn’t get much better than the one we get to share right now. If we get a choice, I’d pick him again.

Besides that whole acting thing that he does so well, he’s as comfortable on a horse as he is on his feet and he’ll make anyone feel like Ginger Rogers on the dance floor. Oh, and he’s funny, like really funny.

He’s as smart as a whip and as wise as they come. The man has testified in front of congress on behalf of the world’s oceans, for the love of Pete.

Real Deal
Mench. Sage. Teacher. Cheerleader.

One Word

Never try to out funny him. He’ll always win. 

Right Now
Probably trying to think of something funny to say to make me laugh.

Find out more about international ocean conservation at Oceana

Ted talks about Kate….

Doula/ photographer/ actor/ artist :  Kate and her partners are in the process of creating The Birth Stories, a nurturing, magical space for women to share that most profound of experiences, giving birth.  Her photographs capture the awe and joy of motherhood. I can think of no one more soulful and magical than my daughter to be present at the moment that a life begins.

Breathtakingly beautiful, inside and out. Her sense of fashion is elegant, but always approachable.  She doesn’t need her clothes to say look at me, because people already are looking at her. Even her feet are beautiful.

Next Life
Anything she wants, just as long as I get to be part of it.
With those legs, perhaps a pole vaulter.

Past Life
Whatever her past life involved, it caused her to enter this life with a compassionate, nurturing heart.

A graduate of the Art Center in Pasadena, her sense of what is truly beautiful in life, informs everything she undertakes. She is building a home for herself that will reflect her elegant and slightly off beat personality. Her photographs feel like you, the viewer, just happened to be passing by and were lucky enough to catch a fleeting moment.
I’ve also had the pleasure of acting with my daughter on TV, and was delighted by how natural it felt to work together. Can’t wait to do it again!

Very!  It’s fun to watch Kate gather speed, and become more and more certain. She has always given each moment in life it’s full measure; which to me is as smart as you can get.

Real Deal
There is not an inauthentic bone in her body. Must be one of my failures in raising her.

One Word
Magnificent! Inspiring!

Don’t try to take a shallow cut on life with her. This time around, she’s not in the mood. But don’t be scared off, she can be very silly, and truly funny….one of the worlds most delicious giggles.

Right Now
Probably wondering if I can get in touch with my feminine side enough to be able to write this…. Not to worry; I’ve got more where this came from.

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Thursday 2 October 2014

Photographer | Sam Elsom

Sugar searches for Coco wearing Ralph Lauren suede jacket, tights and tutu from Mamapapa, Isabel Marant sneakers from Zara with french vintage blouse and hat. Mum wears Celine tuxedo pants and loafers with Stella McCartney bodysuit, Sass & Bide blazer, Chanel bag and vintage boater hat.


There was no sighting to be had at Angelina’s just a drug induced chocolate haze so Sugar and I made one last attempt to find the elusive Coco. It made perfect sense if she wasn’t at 31 Rue Cambon, Hotel Ritz or the Joaillerie then she must be with Ernest Beaux, her perfumer. Our logic told us if Chanel No.5 is made from thousands and thousands of rose petals then a rose boutique is where we must go. So of we went to Roses Costes Dani Roses. Did we find Coco or Ernest? No but we met the sweetest man wearing a beret who showered my children in roses. Their little noses buried amongst buckets of glorious flowers in every colour you could possibly imagine. Thank you kind sir. 

By now we were high on Paris or perhaps the essence of a thousand roses and we walked to the  Fontaine des Fleuves to cool down. We decided it was time to say goodbye to Coco so we crossed the  Pont De La Concorde overlooking the La Seine. Adieu Coco, merci pour une merveilleuse journée. Au revoir.