Thursday 2 October 2014

Photographer | Sam Elsom

Sugar searches for Coco wearing Ralph Lauren suede jacket, tights and tutu from Mamapapa, Isabel Marant sneakers from Zara with french vintage blouse and hat. Mum wears Celine tuxedo pants and loafers with Stella McCartney bodysuit, Sass & Bide blazer, Chanel bag and vintage boater hat.


There was no sighting to be had at Angelina’s just a drug induced chocolate haze so Sugar and I made one last attempt to find the elusive Coco. It made perfect sense if she wasn’t at 31 Rue Cambon, Hotel Ritz or the Joaillerie then she must be with Ernest Beaux, her perfumer. Our logic told us if Chanel No.5 is made from thousands and thousands of rose petals then a rose boutique is where we must go. So of we went to Roses Costes Dani Roses. Did we find Coco or Ernest? No but we met the sweetest man wearing a beret who showered my children in roses. Their little noses buried amongst buckets of glorious flowers in every colour you could possibly imagine. Thank you kind sir. 

By now we were high on Paris or perhaps the essence of a thousand roses and we walked to the  Fontaine des Fleuves to cool down. We decided it was time to say goodbye to Coco so we crossed the  Pont De La Concorde overlooking the La Seine. Adieu Coco, merci pour une merveilleuse journée. Au revoir.



Wednesday 1 October 2014

Photographer | Sam Elsom

Sugar searches for Coco wearing Ralph Lauren suede jacket, tights and tutu from Mamapapa, Isabel Marant sneakers from Zara with french vintage blouse and hat. Mum wears Celine tuxedo pants and loafers with Stella McCartney bodysuit, Sass & Bide blazer, Chanel bag and vintage boater hat.


Today was an adventure, a treasure hunt of sorts. Sugar and I were looking for Coco Chanel. Not just designer clothes and bags but to retrace her steps, to glimpse her essence. A day in the life of, or a day in our imaginations of what her life might have been like. I had explained to Sugar that in the same way she admires Elsa from Frozen for her magical powers and beautiful gowns, I too admired Coco Chanel for her strength and true original style. That to me she was an artist and a visionary and as a young girl starting out in the world of fashion I had been captivated by her story and legend. Clearly this fascination has not faded over time as I’m hoping Frozen will for Sugar but I wanted to share with my daughter a story of an artist who had played a role in shaping the dreams of a young woman and perhaps what she could do.

First Stop/31 Rue Cambon

First stop was the legendary three-stair building on 31 Rue Cambon where Coco herself worked from the second floor now frozen in time and only open to certain press and very rich people. We figured if she wasn’t there then Karl……. KEEP TALKING



Thursday 25 September 2014

Thylane Blondeau with her mother Veronika and brother Aryton



Tuesday 26 August 2014

Model Willy van Rooy and her son Alejandro, 1972 in Dehli

“Here I am wearing one of this marvelous hand embroidered coats from kasmir and the golden brocade boots with snake leather I had made up in Delhi.

As soon as we could we took a flight to London where we stayed a few weeks to recuperate and get back from yellow to my normal color. We had sent all our treasures by boat from Delhi to NY. somewhere near the Canadian border as we wanted to go to Canada. It was a very interesting time in London, Tony and Susan Kent were there to produce a play with people they brought over from India and Rufus of the Living Theater was involved as well. Then there were our dear friends Dick Polak and his wife Edina ( Ronay) with whom we spend a lot of good times but by now our luggage had arrived at the other end of the world so we went. Wow, I don’t know how we did it, fly there take a  train to get our luggage and from there take the train to Vancouver(Canada) which took 3 days and 2 nights but it first had to cross the border, and that was scary because the Customs took us of all the people to be searched, and we had to open all our cases and as we had some presents for friends that were not allowed, we spent 2 scary hours that it took them but ( sigh of relief) we are on our way again in this long Double Decker train that shows us snow and more snow, snow on the Rockies, snow on the fields – It’s winter in Canada…”




Monday 18 August 2014

Photographer / Peter Crumpton || Model / Pania

I made a silent promise to myself when I first started CATGK (I guess now not so silent) that I would work with people and brands that inspire me or that I connect with. To do a job that I am truly proud of I have to be excited about the product. Would I dress my children in that brand? The answer has to be yes. When Kelly approached me about being the creative consultant for Feather Drum’s first campaign to be launched alongside the website it was an instant yes. She sent me only line drawings at this stage but instantly I could see it. I could see it on my children and I could see it in the store. It wasn’t just another brand in a long list of others, it was a brand I knew mother’s would be asking for.

It was a CRAZY cold day of the shoot and we shot in the very cool but not so warm Wild Things Gallery. Pania and her family warmed things up with their spirited attitudes and Ali the Great Dane chipped in by going to the bathroom on my mates office floor. Sorrrry Leah. The day had that feeling of something creatively real and new in the early stages of something great.

When I asked Kelly how it all came about she shared with me a story that I thought might strike a chord with some of you so she was kind enough to let me share it…. KEEP TALKING



Tuesday 12 August 2014

Photographer/Micheal Naumoff


Over the years my career has been kind enough to lead me to some of my closest friends. I met the father of my children while fitting samples and one of my best friends while casting for a campaign. Meeting Liz is no exception.  We met on the job so to speak and instantly I couldn’t stop buzzing around her like a pesty fly.  Anyone that has met Liz or worked with her will agree about her powers of enchantment. Actually enchantment is not the right word you see because her magnetism has allot to do with her insanely funny sense of humour and quick wittiness delivered in her ridiculously charming accent.  Add in a good lashing of kindness, her ability to tell a damn good story (again that accent) and package it in the sweetest wrapping of blonde loveliness and a razor sharp minimalist style with edge.  Oh and I forgot to mention her unbelievable skills as one of the world’s best makeup artists. Yes, the world’s I tell you.  Proof is in the pudding when you look at her current client list of Nicole Kidman,  Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Jackman, Rihanna, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen… KEEP TALKING



Saturday 9 August 2014

“The Bathers of La Garoupe” formed the backdrop when Picasso’s children skipped rope with their father inside Villa La Californie, 1957