Tuesday 15 April 2014

Actress Joan Collins and her five year old daughter Tara at a dress rehearsal for a children’s matinee in London,  1968


Mr & Mrs Bunny

Monday 14 April 2014

Quitokeeto, Lieschen Mueller, Garance Dore, Nicola Hill, Thekitchn, Feathers, Tim Walker, ahalife, Bunsbury’s Bees,

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Thursday 10 April 2014

It’s the perfect time to do a Wardrobe File with winter creeping closer. I needed to do a wardrobe recky to see what was missing, what was winning and what wasn’t fitting.  One thing I did discover was that my daughter uses her winter boots as a storage system for, well, anything. Just lovely. This post is about a couple of fundamental tips that can carry a piece from one season to the next, only if your interested of course. xx

1//Antique indian skirt//Cardigan and stripe top from Our Corner Store//Zara sneakers

2//Country Road top under vintage peasant blouse//Tutu from Mamapapa//Stella McCartney boots

3//Stella McCartney knit//Smock and pantaloons from Mamapapa//Zara sneakers

4//Zara peacoat//Stripe top from Our Corner Store//Scarf from Kmart//Vintage skirt//Stella McCartney boots

5//Vintage Indian smock//Pants from Our Corner Store//Birkenstock sandals/Antique cuffs

6//Stella McCartney denim shirt//American Apparel overalls//Crown from Mamapapa//Belt vintage

1. This is isn’t for everybody but I tend to buy most of my children’s clothing at least two sizes bigger. This doesn’t work for everything but a great piece can look very different and equally amazing as your child grows. Having beautiful crafted garments for one season is soul destroying. I can justify investing in quality pieces like these if I can see them though through a year or two minimum.

2. Taking summer styles and layering for winter is a MUST. Getting milage across all seasons just makes sense. Also for the in between months were the weather changes as often as my sons nappies it’s great to be able to add and deduct.  KEEP TALKING



Thursday 3 April 2014


Photographer/Kane Skennar::Makeup+Hair/Charlie Kielty::Art Direction/Hayley Talbot:: Assistant to everybody, good sport and child wrangler/Vicki Ellen

Dresses by Grace Loves Lace worn with traditional and contemporary North American Indian jewellery from Four Winds Gallery. Dresses layered with One Teaspoon denim jeans and 3.1 PHILLIP LIM leather jacket. My little angel wears Tea Princess dresses with antique children’s pieces from Four Winds Gallery. White fur from MLM and multicoloured fur by Winston Wolfe.

I had never put on a wedding dress before so when the Grace Loves Lace team asked if I wanted to put my spin on bridal I thought why not, beats being creepy in a wedding boutique. To my surprise wearing a wedding dress has a certain je ne sais quoi. I couldn’t go as far as the veil, small steps people, but there is something undefinably special about them. Either that or it had something to do with softly scalloped french lace and tumbling silk like tulle or the beautiful freedom of these gentle and feminine creations. I thoroughly enjoyed from a style point of view looking at an old age tradition in a different light. It got me to thinking about my wedding and what will Sugar think of my dress when she is a grown women and it belongs to her. Thank you GLL for the inspiration, reflection and chance to play x

Special shout out to the one and only Shayne Allen for a stellar location and the biggest dog x



Tuesday 1 April 2014

Marlon and Keith Richards, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France 1971