April 27, 2016 Campaigns


To celebrate Mother’s Day this year I had a shameful amount of fun when I was asked to put my spin on the Tommy Hilfiger Fall2016 Sportswear collection. Of course in the eyes of CATGK that can mean only one thing, family. So with a little Tommy twist and an ode to the collections title F.A.M.E (Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment), I grabbed a few of my nearest and dearest friends that have taught me a thing or two about motherhood and mate-ship, added their spawn and spouses into the mix for good measure and with the promise of wine, rugby and tall tales lured them away for a winter lakeside weekend in true Tommy style.

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March 10, 2016 Editorial


I’m going to keep this part short. Really just joining the dots for y’all in case you missed the memo in the early noughties about HAVING to have a pair of Sass & Bide East Village jeans. Well, that’s Heidi Middleton(Bide), along with her best friend Sarah-Jane Clarke(Sass) and from that first pair of jeans till not so long ago the two of them built something incredibly exciting for so many of us heavily influencing the way Australian women dressed and putting us on the world map of fashion. But that was then and this is now and we are not defined by a moment in time but by the way we live, what we stand for and how we treat others and the universe and this is the Heidi I want to share with you.…

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February 25, 2016 Editorial


People are always a little surprised, shocked dare I say when they ask about the home of  The Beach People and who created it. When I tell them two sisters living in a little private nook of the beautiful Australian coastline that is humbly known as the Tweed Coast you can tell it’s not what they expected.

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