December 13, 2016 Editorial


This is a story close to home but only in the geographical sense, because to be honest I have no comprehension of what life must feel like for the Blooms. I hesitate to say I’m inspired by Sam as there’s something a little patronising in that; but Sam, her three boys and husband Cameron sure have motivated me to get off my ass and dive into life.  As far as parenting goes they would write one hell of a book, one nearly as good as that other one “Penguin Bloom”. You might have heard of it? The book about an odd little bird who saved a family? Well that’s where our story begins, not in the pages of a book but in the backyard of the Bloom’s, an ordinary family dealing with an extraordinary circumstance and the love of a magpie or three……

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May 30, 2016
December 4, 2016 Culture


To me books are the greatest gift of all, especially for kids as their world becomes more digital and the land fill gets bigger. When I saw Unclebearskin’s ABC it stopped me in my tracks. A beautiful partnership between artist Cat Lee and author Vicki Wood bring to life the vibrant souls of some very cool characters. Yolanda the Yak, Zelda the Zebra and Esmarelda the Elephant join an entire crew that will inspire and teach your children their ABC’s in the most delightful way, a must for Santa’s stocking..

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November 29, 2016
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November 20, 2016 Roadtrip


The Ranch At Rock Creek Family Travel Notes

Remember in the movie Dirty Dancing Baby and her family went on vacation to the affluent resort Kellerman’s in the Catskill Mountains?  Lakeside cottages, activities for the whole family, fine dining and young good looking staff eager to meet your every need? This was the western version. I swear if I could have located the staff quarters there would have been some naughty line dancing going on and a couple of watermelons being carried…..…

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