Tuesday 1 September 2015

CATGK-STYLISH DAD-KATEANDTEDDANSON-4 CATGK-KATEANDTEDDANSON-15 DONOVAN & PETRA 1-13 DONOVAN & PETRA 1-10 captainandthegypsykid-Kaneskennar--269 captainandthegypsykid-Kaneskennar--571 Wheels & Bobbie post-9Wheels & Bobbie post-13TimandTom-Stylishdads-CATGK TimandTom-Stylishdads-CATGK Theatlanticfamily/Home-CATGK_8-359c copy Theatlanticfamily/Home-CATGK_7-585bw copySteeleFamily-CATGK SteeleFamily-CATGK theblakeyboys-catgk theblakeyboys-catgk IMG_0223 Ozzie and Rocky-dadswithstyle

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From Top : Ted and Kate Danson | Donavon, Ozzie and Hendrix Frankenreiter | Blake, Heather and  unborn baby Summit | Sam and Bobby Macintosh | Tim and Bobby Ross + Tom and Storm Williams | Steven and Hunter Eakin Amos | Taylor, Milla and Jaiden Steele | Aaron, Mickey and Eddie Blakey | Ozzie and Rocky Wright

Photographers : Kane Skennar | Steve Baccon | Sam Elsom | Brooke Coffey | David Hauserman


I love looking at these. A little retrospective of all the Fathers I have had the honour of photographing. Friends and fathers shaping, making and inspiring little humans. Growing up is the biggest, most exciting, overwhelming and terrifying adventure…..Just like parenthood. A big thank you to all these amazing Dad’s for shaping the world and giving their best. None of you have had to check into psyche (yep, too many episodes of Orange Is The New Black) so big thumbs up there. Love ya Dad.



Tuesday 1 September 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.32.13 am

Anjelica Huston listens intently to her director father, John Huston, during the filming of her first movie ‘A Walk With Love and Death’



Monday 31 August 2015

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Photograpahic series by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin’s 

#CHLOEgirls Anja Rubik and Julia Stegner


Through the tree-lined allées of the iconic Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, Chloé girls walk in the crisp autumn air and the classical beauty of French architecture and nature’s quiet romance, celebrating lifelong friendships. Echoing the artistic and intellectual spirit of the Bloomsbury group, the pair share stories as they walk arm in arm, together close friends but with an independent attitude……





Tuesday 25 August 2015


Joaquin Phoenix, left, with brother River Phoenix, right, and their mother, Arlyn Phoenix, center, walk down 58th St. in New York City.



Tuesday 11 August 2015


Bob Dyla with his children, Jesse, Anna, and Maria, Ohayo Mtn. Rd. home, Woodstock, NY, 1970.



Wednesday 29 July 2015

Wheels & Bobbie post-14Wheels & Bobbie post-4Wheels & Bobbie post-5Wheels & Bobbie post-2Wheels & Bobbie post-15Wheels & Bobbie post-3Wheels & Bobbie post-6Wheels & Bobbie postWheels & Bobbie post-7Wheels & Bobbie post-9Wheels & Bobbie post-1001_S&B_WEDDING__907 03_S&B_WEDDING__1259 03_S&B_WEDDING__1268 03_S&B_WEDDING__1275   04_S&B_WEDDING__2121


Photographer + Sam McIntosh | Sam Elsom, Photographer Sam + Arabella | Sylve Colless
Hair + Makeup Artist Luciana Rose
Sam wears Saint Laurent suit and shoes | Arabella wears Ellery | Bobby wears Mamapapa

Mr Sam Macintosh

It takes a generous fellow to let you shadow him while he is getting ready on the eve of his wedding day. A day I would say where most men are a tad nervous. Even a little dudezilla. Not this handsome man. In fact Wheels as most of us call him is not your run of the mill bloke. Wheels and I have been friends since we were kids. A kid that loved surfing like no other kid I had ever met. Still now, all grown up I have NEVER met another person who loves surfing like Wheels.  Everything Sam has done in his life makes perfect sense to me. It made sense that he grew up with a bedroom window overlooking our local break so it was last thing he thought of at night and the first thing he saw when he woke up. It made sense that he would go on to build and be create of one of the world’s leading surf magazines, STAB. Yet when he told me that he was going to propose to his babymama and walk her to her waiting wedding ceremony a few feet away….It made no sense. It was crazy, it was risky, it was presumptuous, it was insane and it was AWESOME.

The dress, the reception, the bridal party, THE GUEST LIST. All of the above, every little detail, Sam had it all planned and ready to go. Was he nervous? What if she said no? What if she was pissed she didn’t get to pick the dress? What if she wanted to look forward to apparently one of the biggest days of her life? How would the guests keep it a secret? What about the Pinterest board where she had been building her dream reception? KEEP TALKING