Wednesday 4 December 2013


You know that feeling when you walk into a store and instantly you feel that this is you? That rumbling of excitement in your stomach as you first step inside knowing that within these walls are treasures waiting to be discovered? Mamapapa is this and more…… A beautiful space curated by owner and buyer Virgine Batterson. Being French is what gives this store a certain je ne sais quoi. Her wares scream French. Classic and chic. I loved putting together a Christmas Day outfit for both Captain and Sugar but I couldn’t stop there. I had to share a few things that I could see under the Christmas tree.

FInd out more about Mamapapa here and on Instagram or email virgine@mamapapa.com.au to find out who, what, wear and how much.

Big love to Virgine and the beautiful ladies that work there for always putting up with me and the children touching everything. Actually Sugar walked out with a paper bag from your display this morning. Im so bringing it back xxx

Event calendar / Felted star / Bird Christmas / Felted angel /  Handmade Glitter feather /  Owl / Nest Mobile with felted bird / Star glitter wand / Mamapapa tutu / Shearling vest / Knitted ochre crown / Mini wand gold glitter / Atsuyo Mask tee / Knitted grey crown /  Lace up anthracite shoes /  Mini fabric camera / Mamapapa white short
    1. Sheree Post author

      hi Jenni

      Im so glad to meet you, I ADORE you magical dolls They are exquisite. I loved shooting them. It was hard for me not to put them in every shot. It was really hard to take them back!!!! Virgine and you are both incredibly clever x

  1. Penelope

    These dolls, I keep stumbling across them I must have one! So so gorgeous. Sheree your blog is fabulous and your children are so adorable. It’s hard not to obsess over children’s fashion, I never would have believed I would find anything I love more than shopping for my children. X

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