This day was a full family collaborative affair. There was Kenyon, whom I completely forget is fifteen nearly 100% of the time, taking the photo’s. You might remember his work from a previous post, IN BETWEEN A GYP-ZINE. Creatively he is truly original which is very exciting to watch and be a part of but in general he is just Awesome with a capital A. His subjects for the day were Liam his brother and Ella is sister, not surprising two of his favourites. The cutest and the coolest bunnies in town both beautiful on the outside and in. Good sports and great company it was an illegal amount of fun playing dress ups with these two. Both children have an extraordinary sense of style which is no doubt a side effect from growing up with one of the most stylish women I know. Introducing Virgine. Owner of the incredible Mamapapa store and mother to Kenyon, Liam and Ella. I adore everything about her. Im always inspired by her originality and take on life. When I visit the shop it feels like Im dropping into a friends house. I literally set up camp on the floor and stay for way too long. Thank you Virgine for being so generous with your time, family and beautiful things. I felt very fortunate on this rainy Sunday drinking warm chai, eating hot cross buns and spending time with your beautiful family.

Photographer Kenyan Batterson
Bunnies/Liam and Ella Batterson :: Real Bunny/Pancake
All clothes and props from Mamapapa