Friday 13 June 2014

Photograpaher | Micheal Naumoff 

 Assistant Photographer Kenyon Batterson | H + M  Charlie Kielty | Creative co-hort Vicki Ellen

Playroom | Sugar wears overalls from American Apparel, Captains are from Seed and mine are vintage.

Poolside | Acacia swimsuit worn as bodysuit with vintage skirt from Dolly Up Vintage Emporium.

Office | Knitted pullover and bloomers from MamaPapa worn with Ralph Lauren boots.

Doorway | Marni loafers worn with Caravana Montaecristo top at Island Luxe and album di famiglia pants from MamaPapa.

Whenever I get asked about our home being photographed I always get a little bit apprehensive. I think it is a big deal sharing this part of your life with the greater unknown. When Elle Magazine came calling there wasn’t much to think about. I love the magazine, I love the girls that create it and they were happy to let me be involved with the creative process. Our home is more then four walls and a roof. It is The Giving Tree of bricks and mortar. It is centre stage to our family framework but it would not have its heart and soul without the people that live in it…. The style of the house is largely dictated by their loves and needs which has resulted in an undefinable interior style which we call shipwrecked and straight up crazy. Come in and have a cuppa.

Thank you to Amy Starr and the Elle team for pretty much just being awesome. Amy you are a trooper. Pregnant with morning sickness and straight off an early bird flight she arrived with flowers a big smile and her very cute mum. Magic Mike who else gets our family like you. Big love for your creative generosity. Kenyon the day is always better with you here, thanks for behind the scenes. Nana another fun day of creative mayhem, where would we be without you and your beautiful treasures. xxx

 We want to thank all our friends and family for the treasures they have shared with us that fill our home and (as Sugar would say) our bucket. A feather from a walk, herbs shared from a garden, blankets knitted and furniture found.

Adirondack chairs from the Boathouse, french chopping board from Rust, Pendleton beach towels from the Collector Store and clothandthread doll from MamaPapa

  1. BIG CONGRATS MUMMA….absolutely loved every detail !!!….it.s been awhile coming ,but well worth the wait …
    Your heart ,your soul,your talent,and best of all your “loved ones”….
    THANKYOU ….my dear friend x
    nana nola

    1. Sheree Post author

      Thats a beautiful thing to say, Im glad you love this one, I do too. xxx Captain had on the shirt you gave him, actually I think you gave it to Sugar!!! A bit of you xxx

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  4. Shannon

    What a beautiful family. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I am in love with the scooter toy in the doorway photo. Would you mind sharing where it is from?

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