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Jane14/05/2015 AT 04:02 - Reply

Seriously beautiful and well thought of collaboration. Talented family.

    Sheree18/05/2015 AT 02:11 - Reply

    I aprreciate this x

Annalisa12/06/2015 AT 11:22 - Reply

I just fell deep into this shoot.
What a beautiful collaboration!
With a passion for fashion, hair, health and wellness & after becoming a mum 4 years ago have decided to combine all of that and have created a new movement in hair. Having been in the beauty and hair industry for 18 years, had my own studio for 8 years and still love it, I have seen a gap for a luxurious hair care range that focuses on all things Safe, Balanced and You! Our Little People range is for children 2 and up, we have a Little Miss // Little Mister // Little People Shampoo and Conditioner and Nasty Free Head lice treatments.

I would love to collaborate with you!

Feel free to contact me at info@baremovement.com

Peace and light



    Sheree02/07/2015 AT 02:00 - Reply

    Thanks for reaching out. Your brand sounds perfect for the small folk, especially nasty free head lice!!! Will have a look. Good luck with it all xxx