Family, beautiful clothes and Molly the makeup artist……. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day putting a CATGK spin on Witchery’s spring/summer 14 collection. When the lovely ladies over at HQ came up with the genius idea for CATGK to join the Style Collective it was an easy decision. I believed in what they were doing. An offering of go to essentials that hadn’t compromised on style and quality. Still seasonally relevant but not trend obsessed. Witchery allows me to do this without sacrifice and I guess thats what I wanted to share with you. That and the fact that they have taken the above approach and applied it to Witchery Kids which is excellent news for mothers everywhere. I have translated this approach through a series of photographic editorials featuring mothers with their children. My hope is that you feel inspired by this new collection and these wonderful women and children for both you and your own families. That you can be who you are within the freedom of style that Witchery is offering this Spring/Summer.

Photogrpaher Micheal Naumoff | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford
Creative Consultant Hayley Bonham | Hair + Makeup/Molly Oakfield::Assistant Photographer/Kenyon Batterson:: Team Everything/Sam ElsomVicki Ellen, Rory Elsom
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Special thank you to my family for giving up their free time so that these beautiful family moments can be captured. I love you.

Mamapapa for making Captain smile because he could cuddle Mr Leopard.