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If you have tuned in thanks for coming along on our Airstream Road Trip. Most nights I am going to try and write a little review of the day/night. Sometimes we will be off the grid (or dead drunk, I mean dead tired) but otherwise I’m hoping you can find me here most days. Later down the road (road trip humour) I will do my travel style guides so you can skip our mistakes and enjoy our favourite finds plus share some cool stories along the way with the kids but for now it’s just really me being excited about this new adventure. I have always dreamt of doing this trip with Sam and the kids and thought you might enjoy joining the ride.

When we got to Airstream H/Q in LA it really hit home that we were about to pull a 28ft unit across the unknown. With not having seen the unit before, no lessons on how to reverse park it, how to set it up etc I started to get a little nervous. To set the scene I have never towed a single thing unless you count doubling someone on a pushbike and Sammy can get a tad excited behind the wheel but the Airstream was so shiny and so pretty and the folks at Airstream seemed confident so what the heck.

So with a stop at Target (they sell groceries in Target in the US….and alcohol) and another at Walmart (God bless America) we headed West (I think it was West) through Yucca Valley and onto Joshua Tree.

Photography Sam Elsom

Tomorrow’s Entry || Sleeping amongst the Joshua Tree’s