CATGK x Airstream SEDONA

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CATGK x Airstream
Such an unexpected surprise. People had said Sedona was beautiful but no one had prepared us for just how beautiful. I cannot recommend enough making Sedona a stopover or simply a destination.. Steeped in Navajo tradition it has a mystical pull that you can feel from the earth around you. At the risk of sounding all hippy I really felt connected to this place. Like I had found a little of myself here. My next trip here I am going to stay longer and make sure I visit a Sharman.
This town ticked all boxes for me. It was quaint, rustic and not over developed. It still had a small village vibe but with great food and hotels , etc. I am a devotee to all things American Indian and this town had not over commercialised this while still making it today the best place I have seen to invest in Navajo art and jewellery.
So the short version(long version coming later) on the BEST thing to do here with families? The Pink Jeep Tours hands down. I have to devote todays journal entry to this as it’s really rare for us to find something that all four of us can do and get so much from. Hiking is such a major part of the places we are visiting but with the kids being so young it limits those experiences so the jeep tour really nailed that for us. No hiking so we didn’t have to carry them, relief from the sun and we still got to experience the magic of climbing to the top of the world. Bonus being the driver chats about anything you’re wanting to know about Sedona and its history. Brent even gave us hot tips on organic food in town. So sad to say goodbye to this one but we will be back.
Photography by Sam Elsom
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