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CATGK x Airstream

Two days in and so far so good. We were starting to get the hang of towing the Airstream. We soon realised missing a turn was a real big no no and pulling over for a wee on a freeway was a little stressful but besides that Sammy was doing a stellar job behind the wheel. I can’t wait to share my travel guide on this part of the world where I will have more time to go into detail but for now I have to say in short, camping in Joshua Tree hits the top of the list for family experiences. We stayed at Jumbo Rocks Campground which sits deeper into the National Park and for me was visually the most rewarding. We were also off the grid with no internet which was awesome. There are other options but do not waste time camping outside the park, you will miss a life changing experience.You have so many options on how to add this into your trip whether you are staying in Palm Springs or passing through. We made a few mistakes so stay tuned if your interested in this leg of the trip so we can help you skip those. One things for certain stay somewhere in the shade in the middle of the day if you’re travelling in summer. I think tents would be hell with kids because of the heat and rattlesnakes but I am also a novice in that department and for sure got spoilt with the aircon in the Airstream.

Photography Sam Elsom

Tomorrows entry || We head over the border to Sedona, Arizona