The Indigo Capsule Collection




I have a confession to make. I wear clothes straight off the floor. As in I wake up pick up what’s lying there and put it on, boom out the door.  I also wear clothes (not often) I might have slept in the night before. Yep, sometimes I’m SO tired I just go to sleep in the clothes I wore all day and then get up and do school drop off. In fact I’m pretty sure you could ask a select group of school mums about seeing me in the same outfit on consecutive days. So what’s the point of this confession? Surprisingly not to make you think I am a slob but to introduce you to what is possibly the new everyday uniform that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for cool, or quality for modernity. Also you can leave it on the floor and it won’t crease….just saying.

Introducing the Indigo Capsule Collection by AG, a forward minded line of exclusively yarn dyed indigo knitwear for men and women designed by premium denim brand AG. The thing I love most about this capsule is not how the indigo fades and wears like denim but that it is designed to be worn in so many ways through layering that you can find your own your voice within it. Also the fact that they offer unisex styles is WAY cool.

Photographed by Kate Danson and shot on location in Venice, California.

Capsule available at David Jones and selected boutiques