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Hayley Talbot19/11/2014 AT 10:59 - Reply

So truly beautiful I am actually lost for words. Fortunately all yours were just perfect, and your imagery perfectly breathtaking. There are some people in the world who really, just never completely descended from heaven; such is the ethereality of their hearts. So inspired, thank you so much x

Hang Osment-Le19/11/2014 AT 07:16 - Reply

Blake Mycoskie is my hero, I have only leant about him and his amazing one-for-one movement a few of months ago, but i am completely inspired by his need to give & how he has created life and a business around generosity and kindness. It is no wonder to find out that such a beautiful strong soulful woman is his partner. Thank you for this amazing feature, so inspired! x

thefolia04/12/2014 AT 12:33 - Reply

Beautiful photos, beautifully hued dogs! Congratulations on your latest addition to the family…what a blessing! May he or she continue to grow your business in the same caring manner. Cheers to smart business!