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Mim is a bit of a wizard in our parts making and creating potions to nourish and revitalise your mind, body and soul. A good friend of mine suggested I drop Mim a line as I was looking for something to reboot my focus on healthy living and self nourishment. To be honest as a mum I was looking for a “potion” of a particular sort. Lack of sleep, lack of time and lack of self commitment needed to be addressed so I went to Doctor Mim and told her my woes.

I wanted to know if she would create a five day cleanse that was specifically targeted at mothers helping us to reboot our bodies and commitment to self nourishment. Join me day to day as I do my first ever juice cleanse which is competely exciting and equally terrifying as I bench my vices of soy chai, wine and my husbands insanely good cooking.

Wish me luck x

Mim talks about how and why she created the five day mother cleanse….

My idea for targeting mother’s and mother’s to be, is to address their frustrations of being time poor, therefore not nourishing themselves with beautiful nutrient rich home cooked meals, low in energy, busy, and eating out of convenience rather than nourishment. This home delivered cleanse, make its so easy and convenient to nourish and fuel their bodies from the very first jar of goodness they receive. Alive and active nutrients from more than 3 kilos of vegetables daily being absorbed straight onto their bodies, rejuvenating, nourishing, replenishing, and naturally energizing them. Being and feeling healthier and more energized means spending more meaningful and conscious time with their children and partners.

This cleanse is the perfect support for mothers and mothers to be. Each evening a beautiful box is delivered to your door to be placed in the fridge ready for when you wake up.
Each day you will be conveniently nourish, energised, healed, supported and dosed up with a huge amount of nutrient rich potions. A cleanse will give your digestive system a break and allow it to rest. Whilst this is happening, our body is absorbing almost immediately the goodness from each potion which will naturally energise you, make you feel clearer, stronger and highly conscious of how good our body and mind feels when it is being looked after and truly nourished with goodness.

Other benefits : Clearer skin and sparkly eyes, weight loss, deeper sleep, pushing ‘refresh’ button on the commitment to yourself to eat, drink and live healthy. Plus, more energy to play!

1. Get Up Green Smoothie.Your first potion of the day is a superfood green smoothie. With the power of the greens, the sweetness of the pear, the smoothness of the avo, and the magic of the chia this is your get up and go!
– Big hit of alkalising and nutrient rich green leaves
– Pear has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support
– Avocado high in good fats
– Chia – super high in omega 3’s, a bounty of natural energy
-and Bananas! Bananas are amazing and with so many health benefits my favourite one is they are super high in tryptophan which releases serotonin in our brains, which makes us HAPPY! the perfect way to start the day!

2. A Kickin’ Tonik
This tonik is a fermented ginger beer – with a kombucha base (high probiotic which is great for gut health), a big hit of ginger and turmeric (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting) plus lemon and a touch of maple, this is your morning energy hit! Forget coffee, this potion will naturally energise you, balancing out your highs and lows. Boom!

3. Dr Warburg
Who is Dr Warburg?
Dr Warburg (a winner of the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his scientific research) discovered that cancer cells cannot survive in oxygen rich environments. This means, that if we can deliver oxygen into our bodies, we are preventing the growth of cancer cells. The nitrate in beetroot delivers oxygen-rich blood throughout our body – plus with the goodness of carrots, makes this potion is a super pro-health juice!

4. Garden Geisha
Your green fix! Think everything living green plant in your vegetable garden and juice it. This potion is our queen alkalizer, another way to oxygenate our body. Drinking chlorophyll is like drinking oxygen. Life fuel for our body in every way!

5. Berry Sexy
A hydrating energy booster for this afternoon potion. Rich in chia seeds (energy boosting) and coconut h20 (super hydrating) this potions is also blended with a huge dose of purple anitoxidants and Vit C, blueberries, cherries and cranberries!

6. Coco Cashew Mylk
”Like a hug from mum” (quote from a Potion By Mim customer) This last potion of each day is a beautiful blend of organic cashews, coconut and cacao. Finishing your day and preparing your body for rest. Rich with good fats that balances out our metabolism and weight management, high in magnesium for muscle repair and support. The sweet good night.

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