In our house there is ALLOT of talk about Mother’s Day and how on Sunday I will be in bed if anyone wants to cuddle and bring me a chai, possibly pancakes. It got me to thinking about all the amazing mothers that I know and the ones who I have been fortunate enough to photograph for CATGK. Thought I would share a few from the archives with ya all to say a big HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to us, to our mum’s, to our Grandmother’s, friends and sisters. To those who can’t be with us but in their own way have never left.

From Top : Yvonne and Tahyna Tozzi | Sibella Court | Petra Frankenreiter | Kim Amos | Heather Mycoskie | Lilly Walton | Mary Steenburgen | Spell Sisters | Spelly | Sybil Steele | Pip Edwards | Leah

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