January 22, 2017 Editorial


Stephanie and Whitney Gilmore

It must have been about seventeen years ago. I was working on a campaign for a surf brand, which featured a young girl (let’s just note that I started working when I was VERY young). She was about twelve years old with that Aussie sun bleached hair, freckled tanned face and the whitest teeth in the biggest grin. She could surf – no doubt about it – but the kid had something else. She had spirit, guts and radiated “happy” in a way that made you feel stoked just by standing next to her.  She stood out not just because of her talent but because she was polite, helpful and well mannered. The kid is now twenty-eight years old and one of the world’s dominating female athletes. It seems that not much has changed in that time except for a few world titles (let’s say six to be precise), she’s become Australia’s highest paid female surfer and she’s breaking surfing stereotypes while flying the role model flag for legions of young girls around the world. Watching Stephanie Gilmore is like watching history in the making to the say the least; and her rise to fame from the young age of seventeen has been fast and steep. Growing up in the spotlight of a male dominated industry must have had its challenges yet before us stands a women of grace who is articulate and professional, strong and confident, and still as stoked on life as that little girl many moons ago.…

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May 30, 2016
December 12, 2016 Campaigns


For our family there is nothing better than the Christmas holidays. How do we come together and celebrate?…

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December 1, 2016 Editorial


A Western Romantic

Nothing like a babbling brook, dappled sun and a field full of daisy’s to inspire our romantic notion of family life in Western Montana.

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