May 2, 2016 Collabs

Daniella Rech for Witchery

By Captainandthegypsykid, story written by Witchery

If the makers of Marvel were to re-imagine a real life heroine of today, she might look less like a caped comic book crusader and more like a woman juggling motherhood and her multi-hyphenate pursuits; She might look something like Danielle Rech. The ex-model balances the demands of two children and a burgeoning business with a photography career shooting the likes of Cara Delevingne, Shanina Shaik and Karlie Kloss. Meet the modern day Wonder Woman.…

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May 30, 2016
March 31, 2016 Editorial



In addition to heading up her global brand ONE TEASPOON, Jamie Blakey is and foremost all about family time. It got me thinking about what life must be like and how in those 15 years, life evolved to be a whole new existence of what she once knew. “Having a family and running a business has made me really efficient and great at managing my time at work. I don’t ever fluff around. If I’m at work, I’m getting shit done. I get it and get through as much as I can so I can get outta there to be home after school and have some afternoon fun with the kids before they go to bed”.

Living on the Northern beaches has given her family roots they live by and call home. Her husband Ronnie and children Eddie, Mickey and Minnie are a team – thick as thieves. “We love our community. We have a pretty unique situation where we live too…we have close friends and their kids all within 400m of us. A breakfast BBQ on a weekend is 10 – 12 adults and 15 + kids. There’s plenty of inspirational people around here and my friends especially, but the best thing for the kids is the outdoor lifestyle, not just Avalon but the Northern Beaches and Sydney as a whole”.

The schematics of the whole work / life balance act are not always something people can achieve. Aside from juggling career demands and family milestones, Blakey hones in on that the challenge remains with dividing up time. “Those early years are super precious with the kids, you can’t get them back. I’m really mindful of that. Family first and then work. It’s always a battle because you’re working hard to set up a future for them but you want to be with them in the now. Once that perfect balance is there though it’s pretty easy to maintain”.

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International Women’s Day

In celebrating International Women’s Day, David Jones brought together some of Australia’s most influential women to talk about what it means to be a women in today’s society. So humbled (and oddly quiet) to be in the company of these amazing women sharing very personal and incredibly inspiring stories that bring all the important issues to the table such as motherhood, gender equality, mental health and self belief to name a few.…

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