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The guy in the above pic is Sam, otherwise known as baby daddy. This was a trip he took for work in India. He had a few days to spare and decided to roam solo in the desert near the Pakistani border hunting rare finds for the kids and I……um really?????Yep, seriously. The man is a freak. He had a bee in his bonnet about finding the last of the artisans.  I think he was trying to restore his faith in the garment industry. Prove to himself that out there somewhere somehow clothing could still be considered an art form. I swear he nearly didn’t come home. A hippy at heart, he fell in love with the simplicity of their lives. Not only did he try on nearly every man’s turban and drink chai in every mukhya, he also joined a local wedding as a guest with his new mates. Along the way he collected extraordinary traditional hand beaded and woven pieces. Pieces I will always cherish. Above are a few of the things he found for Sugar and Captain.