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NAMEElly27/08/2013 AT 03:50 - Reply

So much LOVE for this post!!!! Where can i get those gorgeous dresses, please????

    admin27/08/2013 AT 11:42 - Reply

    I know!!!! I never get sick of looking at them. Sugar’s dad got them on a trip to India. I would google antique or vintage hand beaded indian children dresses and see what you get. Maybe etsy might have something too. They are a bit of a rare find

    NAMErachelglasby01/09/2013 AT 10:37 - Reply

    I’ve found a lady who can source them for you–Madame Hall. She is on etsy (there is one currently listed) and I think she has FB as well. She lives in India and often has a divine collection of vintage textiles available.

      Sheree02/09/2013 AT 02:26 - Reply

      Such a great tip. Thankyou so much

Claudia14/09/2013 AT 06:06 - Reply

those dresses are to die for!!