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Rebekah20/05/2015 AT 10:57 - Reply

This was such an intriguing read . To be honest I’m just laying in bed about to fizz off into dreamworld when I i quickly went on Facebook and read this on my newsfeed and to be honest it was the brilliant photography that lured me in . The photography is captivating ,damn cool and so honest ,it leaves you wanting more .. The photography captured the magic between Renya and her boys which than leads you to the write up .
It was so beautifully worded and quite clearly Renya is an artist and Creative Genuis not only with making people look iconic ,beautiful or too cool for school but building such an iconic business . I imagine no artist could create so beautifully without having the unconditional love she would receive from her husband and boys. After all without unconditional Love we simple would wither away. I have heard of this Salon many times and now I know the magic behind it’s name.. It has the reader wanting more . Bravo to Renya for having the courage in creating her masterpiece and enjoying it all the same .


    Sheree26/05/2015 AT 01:48 - Reply

    Bravo to you for taking the time to share, thankyou for reading about this beautiful family

Belinda Georgeson26/05/2015 AT 02:43 - Reply

This is beautiful, Sheree xx

thefolia25/08/2015 AT 05:39 - Reply

Stunning and so precious…this brings me to tears thinking of my sons when they grow to be men…may I have the strength like Renya…may we all.