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Meet Tim and Tom. Two mates with two babies. Meet Bobby and Storm. Little people that have changed their lives. Bobby is by far the prettiest baby boy I have ever seen, he looks nothing like Tim. Five months old and baby brother to the most delicious animal obsessed toddler I know Bugsy Ross. Daddy Tim is one of Australia’s best known comedians and main man in the afternoons on Australia’s top radio station Kiis 1065 and Melbourne’s Mix101.1 He also happens to be the husband of my best friend, the father of my godson and someone I just love to bits. We have a friendship that in my opinion gets deeper and richer as we get older and experience the creation and sometimes complexity of family life. Tom on the other hand, well let me tell you. Father for the first time to five month old Storm he has fallen hard for those big beautiful blues. The hunky co-host of The Daily Edition as my mother embarrassingly says……..To his face…….…In front of me. That’s a lie. Kind of. My mother never sounds smug, EVER but for some reason whenever she see’s Tom she sounds like the cat that swallowed the canary. “Sheree guess who I saw today? [massive pause] Tom!!!!! [major announcement]” I don’t quite see Tom in the same light but when I do see him I wish it was more often. He has this natural way about him that makes me feel like we are old old friends, which were not and that he wants to talk to me for hours, which he doesn’t. He is bloody awesome.

Photographer Steve Baccon | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford
Thanks to the very well dressed and extremely helpful team over at Harrolds who dressed the boys exclusively for Captainandthegypsykid.
Bobby and Storm dressed by the good folk at Seed Heritage.

The boys talk fatherhood….

TIM – Fatherhood has made me a better husband, a better son, a better brother and a better comedian (kids=shitloads of jokes) I still laugh at how emotional I was when I rang my Mum one day when Bugsy was a few weeks old and told how grateful I was for our upbringing and that it had taken me until that moment to truly realise how fantastic my parents were. I love how content I am with my family, I don’t need anything more than Michelle and them to be happy.

TOM – Its something I’ve always wanted. To love and adore a child created by two people who are completely in love and obsessed with each other. Rachel and I are so proud of Storm. I am constantly in wonder at how good my wife is at being a mum. Fatherhood has made me a proud Man. My girls are my Life. Everything I do, every decision I make, I think of my family. Fatherhood has made me more mature, more responsible, more humble and a much better man. Im less selfish, not consumed by my own ambition or goals that I was chasing. And I’m a whole lot less concern what people think of me.This moment in my life is defining exactly who I am right now. It’s a challenge at times but when that little girl smiles at me in the morning, when I get her up, when I arrive home at night and Rachel is holding her or when she laughs and even when she cries, I know this role was meant for me.

Tim Talks Tom……

Status-Dad to Storm, Hubby to ace Rach, TV star and all round good bloke.

Next Life –  Charlton Heston without the gun loving bit.

Past Life – Keith Miller

Smarts –  Street smart, carpentry smart and the best kind of smart…smart enough to know when something is wrong and be there to help.

Real Deal – A bloke that always has time, is considerate and kind in an old fashioned way that sadly seems novel these days. Funny, rock and roll lover who is true to himself and a friend who I can truly rely on.

 One Word – Ripped

 Warning – This man loves You Am I just a little bit too much.

Right Now – Co-host of The Daily Edition on the 7 Network, Chippy and extreme ocean paddler.

Tom talks Tim….

Status – Husband to MGR, Daddy to Bugsy and Bobby. Funny man!
Next Life – Gram Parsons
Past Life – Aristocrat, Artist, Mime.
Smarts – Spelt backwards is strams.
Real Deal – Would never let his mates down, especially when their going gets tough.
One Word – Beard
Warning – May contain traces of nuts… and that is in no reference to his ‘you know whats, but he does have balls.
Right Now – The No. 1 FM Drive Show in Sydney. He’s the best Baby.
A billion kisses to Baccon for his speedy talent and straight up skills. To the Mrs of the men, Michelle and Rachel. For breastfeeding, nappy changing and mother calming the two stars of this production……that would be Bobby and Storm. To Gigi for her Nana love and extra helping hands. To Bugsy for being the beautiful Bugsy, thank you for letting us shoot in you’re amazing home. Tell your mum she is a LEGEND with impeccable style and just CRAZY hosting skills.